Asian sources @ yuletide

  • Dec. 29th, 2011 at 12:07 AM
subarukun: (Olivier smiling)
If I look at the [ profile] yuletide prompt list there were so many interesting things requested that I would have liked to write! Maybe I’m doing it for the NYR thing... At least one story?

All in all there was some nice fic for Asian Sources in different categories and I do think they need more love! I’m thinking of making a rec list when I’ve finally finished browsing. Who want to leave feedback for the a little underappreciated fandoms of our headrt can browse the yuletide 2011 collection on the whole or by media type. Maybe start with anime/manga and games and then work through the rest?

Have some of my recs and if you haven't yet don't forget to check out the nice Tokyo Babylon fic I recieved.

yuletide recs of the asian kind )