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Dear Yuletide Author!

  • Oct. 24th, 2012 at 8:15 PM
subarukun: (GinEiDen Yang & Lohengramm)
I hope you’re having fun with the exchange and enjoy your yuletide 2012! Thank you for writing in one of my rare fandoms. I’ll appreciate any fic you’ll come up with as it will be fic for any one of these small fandoms that are all equally close to my heart.

All the things I write here are, of course, optional and you can completely disregard them. But if you want to know a little about my likes and dislikes and why I love these fandoms - here it goes:

I do like all sorts of pairings: het, slash/femslash/yaoi/yuri and moresomes. Sex in stories is fine, although I’d rather not read anything that caters to hardcore kinks. I don’t like gender-stereotyping and character bashing.

I also do love good old gen and am completely happy to see the characters everything from normal day to day stuff to outrageous adventures. I tend to read stories on the more angsty side of the spectrum, but occasionally I enjoy a good dose of humour, too.

Arslan senki:
Arslan (Heroic Legend of Arslan)

My favorite characters apart from Arslan are Farangis, Dariun and Narsus.

Arslan is pretty young when the story begins and although he’s the crown prince it’s clear he does not come from a happy family. (I won’t go into too much detail in case you are only familiar with the anime version.) I suppose he must have lived a pretty lonely life at court before the war begins and he suddenly becomes the leader of a group of people, nearly all of them older and more experienced than him. It always fascinates me how he manages to inspire loyalty in so many people.
I’d be interested in stories set either before or after the canon events, with a younger or older version of Arslan. For example I’d really like him interact with Tahamine or Andragoras. If you are more comfortable writing something set during canon events, I’d be glad to have something showing how he develops into a leader and how he deals with advice he gets.
Introspective pieces are fine, too. Or something that has him seen from another character's point of view. So backstory or futurefic would be interesting, but character study or some missing scenes from in between would be equally loved. Could be something centered on the relationships he has to his closest friends or a moment where he inspires a new character. Epic battle is nice, too.

Gen or slash or het are welcome.

Kaze no tairiku: Tieh (or Teeye - whatever you prefer)

I expect the very short anime version is the most known part of canon for this series. I’ve also read part of the Light novel series (up to volume 13 by now) that has, of course, much more to offer - but whichever you signed up for is alright with me. I’d just love to see any kind of fic for this fandom.
I really love the scope of the series, the mystery and hints of ancient history. What really got me interested was the fact that this was set in Atlantis before its destruction and I do very much like the magic working all around. Especially the anime movie only touches on the characters backgrounds, but does so in a way that reveals much of the tone of the series and the most important information we need about the characters. I like the mysterious, the adventure and the tragedy behind it all.
The character I’ve requested is Teeye. He is basically my favourite character, although I like his friends and rival characters, too, but as I have know idea which canon you’ll take as starting point I don’t want to go into detail. Some introspection would be nice or let him deal with the consequences of the anime. You decide.

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Katerose von Kreutzer, Walter von Schenkopp

I loved how their relationship changed before the end, how there was some underlying love and mutual interest to know about what was going on with the other, although they never really get to the stage of a real father/daughter relationship.
Karin is pretty vocal about what she thinks about her biological father, while he never really says much about her, just keeps back and observes. He’s one of those characters who seems very tough and seems uncaring at times, but who is a lot nicer than he seems.
So I’d like to see their relationship explored a little more. Maybe they are watching each other without the other noticing, maybe they are even doing nice things for each other without telling, or they have an actual talk about Karin’s life before the army or maybe she has question’s about her father’s family life before they defected? The possibilities are endless.
They are also both very opinionated and outspoken and there is more than enough ground for conflict between them. I would have liked to see them on a real mission together or just working side by side.
Of course you can include other characters - and there is really nobody who I don't like. (Maybe Yang and Schenkopp discuss Karin? Or the responsibility of having kids? Or the pilots tease them about being father and daughter? Or someone is flirting with her and Schenkopp disagrees?)