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Letter for my Parallels writer/creator

  • Jun. 22nd, 2012 at 6:12 PM
subarukun: (GinEiDen Wenli Lohengramm and Julian)
Dear Writer!

Thank you for writing in one of my rare fandoms. I’ll appreciate any fic you’ll come up with!

All the things I write here are, of course, optional and you can completely disregard them.

I do like all sorts of pairings: het, slash/femslash/yaoi/yuri and moresomes. Sex in stories is fine, although I’d rather not read anything that caters to hardcore kinks . I don’t like gender-stereotyping and character bashing.
If you’re not shippy, that isn’t a problem, because I love gen stories, too. I’m happy to see the characters do everything from normal day to day stuff to outrageous adventures. I tend to read stories on the more angsty side of the spectrum, but occasionally I enjoy a good dose of humour, too. I like complicated characters, ambiguous relationships and uneasy romance.

Arslan Senki | Heroic Legend of Arslan:
Arslan, Fanart, Fanfiction, Video

All canons okay. I've followed the novels, so don't be afraid to spoil me. If you want to catch up on a new fandom, the anime version is the most convenient, I suppose.

I'd really like to see more fanworks for this series in any way. It is a pretty classic alternate history kind of fantasy and I enjoy all the political scheming, the battle tactics and the good old sword fighting action.

Arslan is a fascinating character and growing so much through the course of the series and I'm really interested to see him either pre-series as a young boy or later interacting with the people he learns from and inspires in turn.

I’d be interested in stories set either before or after the canon events, with a younger or older version of Arslan. For example I’d really like him interact with Tahamine or Andragoras. If you are more comfortable writing something set during canon events, I’d be glad to have something showing how he develops into a leader and how he deals with advice he gets.
Introspective pieces are fine, too. Or something that has him seen from another character's point of view.
Also I love all of the characters and you can include anyone you want to have in the story.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu | Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Yang Wenli, Fanfiction

With more than 100 episodes and a lot of epic intrigue and an overwhelming cast of characters this is probably not the fandom you want to go to if you are looking for something quick to catch up with. Although I would totally be okay with something set during the Spiral Labyrinth episodes of the second OVA. These episodes tell you most there is to know about his character, although it is set before he becomes “Miracle Yang”.

Yang really is my all time favorite character, although the series has an impressive and interesting cast. I do love that he understands the temptation of power and is great in analyzing it in others, but never lets it move himself. He really is a person of amazing integrity, knowledge and vision and I would have loved to see him succeed or at least be happy.

He has many interesting friendships and complicated relationships with people that are all very different in character. I always enjoy his interactions with the Cazerne family, Attenborough, his parent/mentor/brother-relationship with Julian and the complicated friendship with Merkatz. I love his canon relationship with Frederica and would have loved them to have more time together. I also ship him with Walter von Schenkopp if you want to go there.

Like I mentioned above, I did very much enjoy Spiral Labyrinth and I think it would be cool to see him use his historical “detective” skills again in any way.

I'd really like to see something where for once things go Yang's way and he can be happy - even if it's just for a while. Or maybe an AU with a happier ending for him?

It would also have been cool if he and Reinhard would have had time for another meeting, or if Yang had ever met Reuenthal or Mittermeyer. And I’m sure if Kircheis and Yang would have had the time to get to know each other they would have been the best of friends.

I hope you can take something away from this...

Tokyo Babylon
Sumeragi Subaru, Sakurazuka Seishirou, Fanfiction

My first real OTP! And I still love them to pieces.

The manga is so very dense and tragic and angsty it really hits all my buttons.

I'd really like to see something from Seishirou's POV, with all the knowledge he has throughout the manga. Maybe one of Subaru's cases we've seen during the manga or a new one? Or just a calm day in the live of the twins or their "veterinarian friend" with funny flirting and innuendo.
Feel free to go as dark and twisted as you want if you make this Seishirou’s POV. He is a killer after all.
If written a yuletide letter focused on Subaru. Maybe some of it will help you get idea, too.

Haikara-san ga Tōru
Hanamura Benio, Fanfiction

I’ve mainly read the manga, but I’m familiar with the anime version, too. I do ship Benio/Shinobu, but I have a deep love of all the other characters and their canon and often doomed love stories.

Benio is this nice mix between spunky tomboy and and naive girl/young woman who grows into a very confident lady who isn’t afraid to get things done. She is ready to go a long way for the people she cares about and is not afraid to be unconventional. She grows a lot during the course of the story and anything about her being her spunky self at any time of the manga would make me happy.

I'd also be interested in something set in the early days of her relationship with Shinobu, when they were still at odds, but he already had feelings for her.

But I’d be equally okay to get something set during the time when she thinks Shinobu won’t come back to her. Maybe some introspection into her feelings and resolutions?